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bar / lounge

where people and opportunities meet


meeting place

& social hub

JJHouse is open to encounters of all shapes and sizes. Stop by for a casual drink or make waves by hosting your next big meeting. Bring your books to study or get to know a new community at our events.

Network and land your dream gig or find that one special candidate you’ve been on the look-out for. JJHouse is where people and opportunities meet.


JJHouse is all about being open and inclusive, so of course you don’t have to make an appointment or rent one of our spaces to drop by. Our JJLounge is the perfect place to sit yourself down, take a break from inner city life, turn a page or two, check your alerts or get some facetime/screentime with friends. Whether you’re flying solo or bringing the team, our doors are wide open.


A bohemian food & drinks concept with international appeal and a beautiful, tranquil outdoor terrace in the heart of the city. A meeting facilitator. A place to start your day, enjoy a healthy lunch or simmer down in the evening. Our barista will be serving local PACO coffee, our tea selection is tea-rrific and our wine list is always dripping with a fine selection of traditional, organic and natural wines. Whether you’re flying solo or bringing the team, our doors are wide open. Rent this space for your private event, lunch or inspiring group dinner.

Weekends from 12:00

Weekdays for events and meetings