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next generation



& diversity

We specialize in next gen inclusion and diversity. NextGenITY. JJHouse partners WannaWork and WannaCatch, our highly valued JJHouse partners, have in-house headquarters. One is a platform, the other is a creative agency,
but both are rooted in an inclusive, future-oriented approach towards the next generation. By bringing them together, JJHouse is able to offer a centralized resident location for connecting talent and empowering brands.


WannaWork is a new platform bridging the gap between the next generation and corporate life. With our digital job board and events, we offer tools to help young professionals apply for jobs and employers reach their target audience by sharing the world the candidates live in, their personality, attitude, talents, passions and values.


WannaCatch is a creative (brand/marketing) agency specializing in Next Gen, Diversity and Inclusion. We excel at helping our clients connect with ‘NextGenITY’ and become unsurpassable brands in the eyes and hearts of their target consumers. We help every brand ride the wave of time and catch up with the next gen that fuels it.